Clean eating is going to require getting a lot more ingredients and cooking at home, so your grocery budget might look a little different at first. Keep in mind that a lot of ingredients you get seem expensive, but last more than one meal. Overall, you actually send up saving money when you aren’t buying processed and convenience foods, and eating out a lot less.

Stop Buying Pre-Made Foods

Even when you aren’t necessarily buying processed packaged foods, you can still have some pre-made or pre-cut food items and produce when you are on a clean eating diet. However, while these can be convenient for you, they also add to the overall cost of your produce. A container of whole mushrooms tends to be less money than those that are already sliced. This can seem like a small cost, but it adds up, and mushrooms are super easy to slice yourself. Stop buying anything that is pre-cut or pre-shredded. You will have fresh produce that tastes better and makes you feel better about how much work went into the finished dish.

Don’t Worry About Superfoods

Being on a clean eating diet doesn’t mean you need to worry about choosing those magical superfoods. Superfoods are simply foods that have a high nutritional content. Some of them are cheap and easy to find, like strawberries and kale, but the more specialty ones are expensive and not required for a well-balanced and healthy diet. Avoid the specialty superfoods like maca powder and chia seeds, as they really are not necessary when eating clean.

Buy Foods in Bulk Whenever Possible

Buying in bulk is a good way to save money for any type of diet, including clean eating. Sometimes it is hard to do because it requires a little extra money in the beginning, but it definitely pays off. You just need to be able to calculate the bulk price compared to the price if you bought less quantities. It also required a good amount of prep and meal planning to ensure nothing is wasted, otherwise you didn’t save anything and might have actually splurged too much. Things to buy in bulk include meat, beans, rice, and grains that are allowed on the clean eating diet. Some produce might also be purchased in bulk, particularly from farmer’s markets.

Eat Less Meat

Lean protein is definitely allowed on a clean eating diet, but it can also be expensive. To start with, change the type of meat you eat. You can choose a less expensive cut of steak instead of eating filet mignon, or just reduce the overall amount of meat in certain dishes and fill up on veggies and other proteins instead.

Buy Local