Chronic illnesses, including obesity is a plague that’s taken over the western world. Nutritional studies of the western population indicate that people are eating too many foods that are filled with absolutely no nutritional value, but lots of sugars, carbohydrates and highly processed chemicals.

Scientific studies prove that highly restrictive diets aren’t working. They may be good for quick weight loss, but the damage that can be done by restricting foods that contain nutrients we need may cause other problems and medical ailments.

Clean eating means different things to different people. To some, it may mean adopting a vegetarian diet that excludes meat and dairy products, while to others it may be cutting out processed foods. Since the clean eating movement has become a popular way to eat healthier, supermarkets are also “cleaning” their food supplies by using more common terms to describe foods and by eliminating preservatives (even though it gives the food a longer shelf-life).

If you simply use your common sense, you can prevent or even cure some diseases that may threaten your life. Heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression can all be helped or eradicated by adopting the clean eating diet plan which includes the following guidelines:

  • Avoid boxed foods, food in jars or food that comes in a bag. Always read the ingredients of food that?s packaged and choose the ones that are as natural as possible. Reading the ingredients of food you?re thinking of purchasing is the best guide you can have to eating clean and avoiding diseases and other medical ailments.
  • Make your own meals. Homemade foods are easy once you get the knack of it. Rather than bottled salad dressing or jarred sauces, choose to make your own. Ferment foods when they?re in season. They maintain their freshness and taste and are a great alternative to processed foods.
  • Choose whole foods. Make good choices about your diet. For example, rather than eating a blueberry muffin for breakfast, choose a handful of nuts and some fresh blueberries.

What is your body telling you about your diet? If you’re tired all the time and have chronic ailments (such as depression, skin rashes, allergies and high blood pressure), you can pretty much assume that you need to change your diet to a healthier one, full of clean, natural foods.

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