Clean Cooking

Eating vegetables can be very beneficial to you in a lot of different ways. As you include more vegetables to your diet, you get to protect yourself from certain types of cancers, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes.

What’s more, these food sources are packed with nutrients and vitamins that will give you an added boost of energy. On top of it all, being healthy inside can make look younger, healthier and more attractive on the outside.

Sadly, a lot of people do not like to eat these healthy and nutritious food sources. To them, eating vegetables is a chore that they need to do, in order to stay healthy and fit.

For the most part, they consider vegetables as an unfortunate yet essential part of their meal. But little do they know, vegetables can be really delightful and gratifying.

Vegetables can be cooked and prepared in a variety of ways, from boiling to roasting. Unfortunately, not all of these cooking methods can create appetizing and healthy vegetable dishes.

Luckily, though, this guide can help you learn the best techniques in cooking healthy and sumptuous vegetables. Continue reading

When lunchtime rolls around, you want to be able to put together a simple meal that is nutritious, filling, and doesn’t take a lot of time. The following lunch ideas will fit all of these requirements. Continue reading

When it comes to switching to a healthier diet, people are often the assumption that they can no longer treat themselves. However, this is not true at all. You can still enjoy desserts, it just might be something a little different than what you are used to. Here are some clean eating desserts to try out.

Flourless Banana Bread

On the clean eating diet, you are not supposed to have refined carbs, which unfortunately includes white flour. This is a processed type of flour that should be avoided. While you can still have other forms of flour, like whole wheat flour or coconut flour, you may also want to prepare a dessert with no flour at all. There is a version of banana bread that does just that. To make banana bread without the flour, you will use rolled oats, ripe bananas, baking soda, eggs, and maple syrup. Make sure when you are done baking it, that it is stored in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t spoil. Continue reading

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